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This Company Cares About Its Customers

I knew that I should have had regular inspections on my air conditioner, but I just didn’t think that I could afford it. Rather than call and get pricing on it, I just assumed that it was too much. That is why I was so surprised when I found out that it does not cost that much to just have regular maintenance done on them. If I had known that, I would not have had to call a company that does AC repair in NYC last month when my air conditioner would not turn on.

I had no idea what was wrong with it. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and I pushed different buttons on it, but nothing happened. I knew that I could not go a full summer without my air conditioner, so I had to bite the bullet and call a company to come out and look at it. That is when I found out that regular maintenance calls just to inspect and clean central air conditioners like mine are not expensive at all. The tech who came out explained what all takes place during a regular maintenance check, and then he explained that my problem would have been noticed during one of those inspections.

Thankfully, it was a very cheap fix as he only had to install one new part that was inexpensive. It could have been a whole lot worse though, so I definitely felt blessed to have had this particular tech. I only had to go a few hours without air because the company sent him over as quickly as possible, and I am going to have regular maintenance inspections done now thanks to the information he gave me. It makes me feel good to support companies like this, because they really care about their customers.

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The Usefulness of Corporate Gifts for Customers and Employees

If you have a company, you need branded handouts for events, potential customers, visitors, vendors, employees and more. Back when I was a young man working in a call center, we got these little gifts from major television networks that used our product. They would be little things such as desk accessories, pens or toys to occupy your hands while on the phone with customers. These corporate gifts were actually sought after by employees, especially the popular stress toys you could squeeze and toss. We were like kids at Christmas when a neat door gift, handout or whatever you want to call them was handed out. The cooler gifts were used as incentives to employees.

Now you can get all kinds of handouts with your corporate logo on them. There are USB hubs, flash drives and so much more. These little items are not expensive, so you can hand them out in quantity. What they accomplish is getting your brand name, company name, logo or other information or slogan out there in the public to be on the public’s mind. The thinking behind the network TV handouts to us at the call center was to have the company brands on our minds when we talked to customers. If company X handed out more stuff than company Y, then you were more likely to have company X come to mind when talking to a customer than you would the other company. This would increase sales of the network channels to the customers.

The same goes for whatever your company is. If you are a plumber, and customers in your region have your little door gifts, then your company will come to mind when something springs a leak or gets clogged up at their home or business. Even major drug companies use this trick to keep a drug brand on doctor and patient minds by handing out pens and desk accessories at the offices.

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Getting Our Business App Down Right the First Time

Everyone has an app nowadays. There are programs you can use to make your own rudimentary apps, and there are high-end developers who will help with mobile app development in Singapore. The range of what is out there is practically endless. If you are going to have an app made for your company or service, you want it to be downloaded and kept. You want it there for your customers and potential customers to use at a moments notice. You want it to provide valuable information and resources that they can use even when they are not presently buying something from you. That is a tough thing to accomplish, and it is why so many business apps fail to generate much in the way of downloads or positive reviews.

There are apps out there for practically any business. Even non-profits such as churches and charities can make use of apps. Again, you want your app to really provide something of value if you expect those who download it to keep it on their mobile devices that are already probably crammed full of games, and other apps. I used to have games on my phone and apps for photo editing, banking, my insurance companies and for retail stores. I have some weather apps, astronomy apps and stuff like that. The ones I rarely use get deleted to make space for newer apps. When we decided to make an app for our company, we asked some hard questions.

First on the list was whether or not we really needed an app to remain competitive in our marketplace. The second things was to decide what would set our app apart from others that would offer real value to clients and potential clients. Then we wanted it coded to perfection. We were not going to use our customers as a test base for a glitchy app. This is why we used a company that does mobile app development in Singapore.